Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Honoring Our History through Artwork

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Martin Luther King, Jr. in Library of Congress Primary Sources.
January and February have a number of memorial holidays, but special days aren’t the only way communities celebrate their heroes.
Are there statues in your community created to honor those who have made a difference? Have buildings in your town been named or renamed for important people in history? Do you know of streets named for notable people? What can a memorial–a place, a building, a work of art–tell us about the individual, the community, and the memorial’s creators?

In many cities in the United States you will find a street named for Martin Luther King, Jr. Many places have schools or other buildings named for Dr. King. Washington, D.C., is no exception. The nation’s capital is home to the national King Memorial and we have a major street named for King.  The District of Columbia central library building also bears his name. Walk inside and you can see a unique tribute to the civil rights leader. Noted artist Don Miller created a mural documenting King’s life, as seen here in a photograph from the Carol M. Highsmith Archive at the Library of Congress.
Original post from Library of Congress http://blogs.loc.gov/
Enero y Febrero tienen muchos dias de fiesta, pero no solo los dias festivos son aquellos en que la comunidad celebra a sus heroes.

Existen estatuas en honor a nuestros heroes en tu comunidad? Edificios o avenidas que lleven el nombre de personalidades importantes de nuestra historia? Que pueden estos y otras obras de arte comunicarnos sobre nuestra cultura e historia?

En muchas ciudades de los Estado Unidos existen calles, escuelas, edificios llamados Martin Luther king o Dr. Kind y washington, DC no es la excepcion. La capital del pais es casa del Memorial en honor a Dr king y avenidas principaes llevan tambien su nombre. En esta ocasion quiero presentarles la obra maestra del artista Don Miller en la Biblioteca principal de DC, aqui fotografia de del archibo Carol M Highsmith  de la biblioteca del congreso.


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