Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Masters of the Arts Workshop / Talleres de Arte con los Maestros

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"Raising creative children is a decision parents can make and a habit to be practiced. Provide your children with opportunities and supplies that foster creativity. 
It’s empowering for parents to realize that simple steps they take, such as giving their kids crayons and paint, lead to their children’s life-long success..."

Dr. Robert J. Sternberg,Dean of the School of Arts & Sciencesat Tufts Universit

Masters of the Arts / Art Workshops are a monthly art activity that teaches, promotes and enhances the knowledge and appreciation for the arts in boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old.

The first Friday of the Month, each participant can experience the amazing world of art, creating a unique master piece base on the study of a renounce artist, style and a selected art piece.

If you want your child to get in touch with the arts and participate in our monthly workshops; visit my web site for more information.

Loving and living with Art!

Los talleres de Arte/ Maestros de las Artes, son una actividad artistica mensual, dedicada a ensenar y promover  la apreciacion por el arte en ninos y ninas desde los 6 hasta los 12 anos de edad.

El primer viernes de cada mes, cada participante podra tener una extraordinaria experiencia artistica, creando una pieza de arte unica, basada en el estudio de un matero del arte y una obra selecionada.

Si usted desea que su nino participe en esta experiencia de crear arte, visite nuestra pagina web para mayor informacion.

Amando y viviendo con Arte!

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